Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Read our FAQ’s page to learn how to utilize Swip Alot.


Are there any fees or costs to use the Swip Alot network?

For the average user, no. Our classified service is free to consumers, and most businesses can also post free. We do offer premium services, however, you are never obligated to buy any of them. Premium services includes post bumping, featured ads, website banners, and more. These features are primarily aimed at local businesses, to offer them higher visibility in their communities.


What forms of payment are accepted?

For services provided by Swip Alot on our websites, apps, or social media pages, we utilize PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment, they accept Visa, Mastercard, and more just like a store. Our website runs on https technology, and PayPal handles all requests from us on their own https server, keeping all your data secure. Our site does also offer affiliate links to offsite sales, for example Amazon, who may utilize their own payment systems, and Swip Alot has no control over those. Always check for a secure connection before making any internet payment transactions.


How does the website work?

Our network of Florida apps, websites, and social media groups are divided by region, and then by county and city. Starting from the home page,, find the county nearest you, and click the map. You’ll go to a localized classified website. At the top of the page, you can create a new account or login to an existing account. After that, you can now post or reply to a classified post on the site.


What are the sizes for photographs?

Images uploaded to classified ads need to be smaller than 2 mb. There is also a 10 image limit per post. There are no size or dimension restrictions.

Other types of advertising require different sized images depending on where they go. Banner ads on our website tend to be 300×250 and 125×125. Ads on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages should be 500×500. Facebook group banners can be either 475×240 or 475×720.


Where can we learn more about Swip Alot policies?

We’ve got several pages to cover all this important stuff. You can find out who we are on our About page. All our sites, apps, and social media accounts are covered by our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Rules. Our services can be found on our Advertising page.


Who can I speak to about a Facebook problem?

Our Facebook groups are run by a different department than our website. Please contact them at Swip Alot on Facebook.


Why do you ask for my phone number?

The safety, security, and privacy of our users are very important to us. Ads on our site are user-to-user, and to either buy or sell you need to be able to contact each other. We ask that users provide a phone number, which we verify via text message, to help us keep the ads more legitimate.


What does Verified User mean?

A Verified User on Swip Alot is someone who has chosen to share their phone number with us. We send an automated text message they must confirm. The contact information you see in the ad is now verified as belonging to the person who has posted the ad. No one has to verify, but we think it’s also a great safety tool to offer. Swip Alot cannot guarantee authenticity to anything in any ads, just that the contact information was valid when the ad was placed.


What info do you get from my social login?

The bare minimum. We use a Facebook login system, and it gives us your email address, location, name, and profile picture. That’s it. We don’t use your email for any newsletters or spam, anything you get from us will be directly related to actions you take on our sites.


How did you pick the cities and colors?

As we spread across Florida, we had to make decisions on the cities we represent. In most cases, it’s the county seat. Sometimes it was a bigger town, or a smaller town. We needed one city per county, and picked one. We do apologize if your city isn’t represented.

Each city has it’s own website, app, and social media network, and they’re color coded. We looked up each county, and found some color palette that was locally incorporated, and we applied it to our images. Sometimes it’s a local high school, or it could match a major league sports team. Might be the same color as the local Chamber of Commerce, or the Sheriffs office. Some counties had ‘official colors’ listed online, while most did not. See if you can figure out where we found your cities color!


My city isn’t in that region.

Swip Alot has sites in every county of Florida. For our own ease, we divided the state into six regions – north east, north west, central east, central west, south east, and south west. We do know some lines were blurred here. We have only a few sites that are regional, our Restaurant Guides, Community Support, Advertiser Offers, and Wall of Shame.

A long standing issue with our network is location of users. One person may drive 3 counties away for an item, while another person only wants to see ads in their own town. Someone else lives near a county line, and may find shopping in a different county to be easier. Using the regions we decided on helped us to control that a bit, though there are certainly still issues with it. We apologize if you don’t agree with the division we decided upon, and ask that you use one of the alternate sites or apps.


Alot isn’t a word

We know. We don’t like it either really. Originally, our name was Swip Swap, but we had to change that. It needed to be something that would fit in the same space, and after much deliberation, we decided on Swip Alot. It’s not a word in this context, it’s a name, like Walmart is a name. Doesn’t make it better, but work with us here. Even here in the office, it gets wrote so many different ways… SwipAlot, Swip A Lot, Swipe Alot, etc.



Have a question for us? Drop us a message on our contact page, and you could see your FAQ’s listed here soon.